Why You Trippin For by Olivia Robinson

  Technology and the Body: Concept Exploration Assignment In this movie, the real effects of cell phone usage, particularly in young adults, is shown. Regarding the theme of technology and the human body, the video illustrates how technology (in this case a cell phone) can physically effect the body by distracting you from your surroundings, … Continue reading Why You Trippin For by Olivia Robinson


Burqini by Lianda Velic

“Burqini” is a short video, that, on its face, is about the swimwear that primarily Muslim women wear at beaches. This garment, which covers all but a woman’s face, hands, and feet, is controversial, but, as the author, asks, why? As she unveils her argument, demonstrating social media posts that demonstrate the fear of Islam … Continue reading Burqini by Lianda Velic