Chip by Bethany Figueroa


Artist’s Statement

There are moments in my life, when the only thing to do with my thoughts, is to create. Sometimes it’s a doodle, sometimes it’s a painting. This time, it was a sculptured collage. I guess some would say art is therapeutic, but for me it’s just an out. It’s a moment to myself where I can release what I learned. This time it was my research project. It allowed me to show my peers my point of view. My sculpture shows: technology in the human body and tools that improve an athlete. I used the human form, something that’s been used to display art since the dawn of time. I covered him in words, images, facts, and information that I attained during my project. I then plunged syringes into the torso, much like how technology is plugged into us, to complete him. His name is Chip and he can be viewed 360° around.


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