Why You Trippin For by Olivia Robinson


Technology and the Body: Concept Exploration Assignment

In this movie, the real effects of cell phone usage, particularly in young adults, is shown. Regarding the theme of technology and the human body, the video illustrates how technology (in this case a cell phone) can physically effect the body by distracting you from your surroundings, and making you unaware of various objects you can run into. I took a less serious approach to this video. I feel like the most effective way of demonstrating the idea that cell phones are not only distracting you from everyday objects, but also that they are attached to your body always, would be best shown through comedy. The title of the movie is called Why You Trippin For. It only seems right to use teenage slang in the title of the movie when it’s mainly teenagers who suffer from this problem.  While seeming not so serious, the underlying theme is an actual problem. This new generation, called Millennials, doesn’t know what life is like without a phone attached to the end of their arm. By getting the audience to laugh and possibly relate to some of the trips and falls, it makes them become aware of the fact that in most of these situations, they are surrounded by people, and the only type of human interaction they are receiving is running into the other person because of their preoccupation with their phone.


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